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Living Benefits

Daily Hospitalization Income Benefits

Death Benefits

Upon death of member or his/her qualified legal dependents the designated beneficiary shall receive the benefits according to the Table of Benefits under sickness category.

Accidental death is defined as a loss of life resulting directly, independently and exclusively of all other causes, of bodily injury effected solely by external, violent and accidental means of which, except in the case of drowning or if internal injury revealed by an autopsy, there is evidence of a visible contusion or wound on the exterior of the body occurring within one hundred eighty (180) days from date of such injury.

Disability Benefits

The Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) shall mean disability caused by bodily injury or disease which prevents the member from engaging in any gainful activity

Disability with Dismemberment
If a member suffers a loss of one or both arms, of one or both legs, of one arm and one leg, or of both eyes, he/she shall be considered as totally and permanently disabled. Loss of both arms and both legs shall mean dismemberment by amputation of hand or foot; with respect to eyes, entire and irrecoverable loss of sight.

Disability without dismemberment
If a member becomes sick or meets an accident...

Daily Hospitalization Income Benefits

Eligibility & Benefits:

1. Hospital confinement of the member for not less than twelve (12) hours.
2. SEDP MBA shall pay Two Hundred Pesos (Php 200) daily hospitalization benefit up to five days within a year.
3.Shall have at least three (3) years continuous membership with SEDP MBA.

Living Benefits

Upon termination of membership Fifty Percent (50%) of premium contribution will be refunded to member.


Membership Fee


Philippine peso

Payment upon membership



Philippine peso



Philippine peso



per annum

Will be charge members who failed to pay within the grace period of forty five days (45)



The outstanding loan balance of the member during his/her death or total and permanent disability is considered paid.

SEDP MBA shall assume payment of the outstanding principal amount to the loan provider thereby considered full payment of the loan.


SEDP MBA will compute the Principal amount paid by the member upon his/her death or total and permanent disability, in so doing the total amount paid by the member shall be refunded to the declared beneficiary.

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